The Perks of Working as a Supply Teacher in Cambridge

The Perks of Working as a Supply Teacher in Cambridge
The Perks of Working as a Supply Teacher in Cambridge

Cambridge is a great area for teachers – surrounded by tradition, it is a place where educational history is so important. If you are looking for work as a teacher, have you considered the perks of supply teaching? There are many reasons why this type of teaching could suit you really well if you are an enthusiastic qualified teacher.

Supply teaching Cambridge gives you the kind of flexibility you simply can’t find from other careers, especially teaching and education. It is a way of continuing to work, but at the same time having a degree of flexibility to say yes or no to particular roles. In this sense, it might suit someone who has other responsibilities, such as being a parent. It could also work for people who have been in the teaching profession for a long time and who might be thinking of retiring in the near future. Supply teaching gives you the chance to balance your work with your life, in a way that other careers will not do.

Why choose supply teaching in Cambridge? 

  • Cambridge is a lively town known for its high-quality education – in fact, it has one of the best universities in the world, so younger students in the town have a lot to aspire to! If you live in Cambridge currently, or you are thinking of relocating, you will find plenty that is of use and value to you there.
  • Supply teaching gives you so much flexibility. It is perfect for people who maybe don’t want to work full time, or who want to retire in the near future.
  • Supply teaching pays well. If you did want to work full time, you can often earn a better wage than a salaried teacher. If you want to work part-time, it is still possible to earn a decent wage, which is why many people turn to supply teaching.
  • There is the possibility of getting a foot in the door. If there is a school you particularly want to work at, see if you can get some work there as a supply teacher. This will make you memorable to the school and will give you an edge over other applicants next time the school is hiring for a full-time teacher in your subject area.

How to become a supply teacher in Cambridge 

Cambridge has some great schools, and even supply teacher roles are competitive. You should always join up to a supply teaching agency if you are thinking about taking this route in your teaching career, as it will give you a better chance of securing a good role that works for you.

Find a supply teaching recruitment agency that has roles in Cambridge and send them in your CV. A good agency will want to talk to you or meet face to face, to make sure they are offering you the roles that are right for you. This will help them understand your need and put your forward for supply teaching roles that meet your personal requirements.